Estate Planning

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At TK Financial Group we believe you should:

  1. Have an Estate Plan to minimize taxes while you are alive
  2. Use your Estate Plan to accumulate wealth in a tax efficient manner
  3. Ask your Estate planner how to protect you, your family and business from catastrophes
  4. Eliminate family conflict with the use of an Estate Plan.
  5. Talk to your Estate Planner and find out how you can protect your business by creating an effective tax strategy and creditor proof structure built in your Estate Plan.
  6. Create an effective exit strategy from your business in your Estate Plan.

There are a number of reasons people neglect to complete an Estate Plan:

  • People often feel that their net worth needs to be higher than where they are currently for them to engage in the Estate Planning Process.
  • People rarely wish to examine the possibility of becoming sick or dying.
  • People do not wish to deal with the possibility of a family conflict, so they choose not to have an Estate Planner draft an Estate Plan for them and hope the problem disappears.

TK Financial Group has developed a unique, time and cost effective, Estate Planning process which delivers concrete results. Our Estate Planning clients are based locally within the Greater Ottawa Area, nationally and internationally.

TK Financial Group is recognized as a valuable professional Estate Planning resource to our clients, investment advisors, accountants, lawyers and bankers.