When thinking of Life Insurance products, we need to understand that not all Life Insurance products are equal among the variety of Life Insurance options, and most importantly each Life Insurance company has its own Life Insurance product portfolio. We at TK Insurance represent products from 11 leading Life Insurance carriers and by doing so we secure the best Life Insurance product to meet your planning needs.

TK Insurance has long been recognized as a leader in professional Life Insurance Planning for self-employed, professionals and corporations.

Our existing Life Insurance clients enjoy regular interaction with one of our Life Insurance team members which guarantees you that no aspect from your Life Insurance needs has been missed. As Life Insurance Planners, being part of your professional advisory team is a privilege that we treat you with utmost respect.

The TK Insurance Audit is a Life Insurance service that closely examines your existing Life Insurance instruments, summarizes the findings in a detailed report and provides you with valuable Life Insurance recommendations which can be utilized to make informed decisions.

Here are some of our recent Life Insurance findings with new files:

  • Saving a corporation over $20,000 yearly premium.
  • Reduced the corporate premium by over $100,000 annually.
  • Identified to a corporation the taxability of insurance proceeds on their death due to improper structure.
  • Uncovered a situation where the owner and beneficiary of a corporate life policy was a holding company no longer in existence.
  • An individual had not smoked for over 9 years and was still paying smoker rates.
  • By transferring life insurance policies into a Professional Services Corporation, we enabled a physician to draw out over $800,000 tax free dollars from his PSC.

We have earned the right to have a Life Insurance carrier appoint a Senior Life Insurance Underwriter to work with us and secure the best Life Insurance contract terms with most competitive Life Insurance premiums. Receiving a Life Insurance quote is, in our experience, an “estimate”, however, the final Life Insurance premium is based on quality underwriting at the Life Insurance Carrier’s head office as well as the relationship we have with them.

TK Insurance is there for you, your family and your business at the time of a Life Insurance Claim. We get directly involved to assist with a disability, critical illness, long term care or death claim.

When you want more than simply a Life Insurance product, call us to complete an insurance planning solution.

TK Insurance is a proud member of Barrington Wealth Partners.