A holistic approach to investment management that takes into consideration all aspects of your personal and professional financial objectives. TK Wealth Management Inc. develops efficient and effective portfolios that enable your goals to be realized within a desired time horizon and with minimal exposure to unnecessary risk.


Efficient Investment Solutions

  •  Maximization of tax sheltered investments to generate immediate tax savings with long-term tax deferral of growth.
  • Use of tax efficient portfolios for non-registered assets focus on after tax rate of return for a more effective overall strategy.
  • Creditor proofing if necessary.

Analysis of Current Strategies

  • Financial snapshot of your current financial situation and investment portfolio, identification of duplication of asset classes, over/under diversification, risk/reward trade off and investment performance recommendations take into consideration all aspects of your financial objectives, including special needs that should be addressed (ie: blended families, disabled children, etc.).
  • Identify appropriate insurance needs to address financial risk in the case of death, disability or illness.

Business Owners, Companies and Professionals:

  • Assist in attracting and retaining employees. Full range of group retirement services with a unique approach to group retirement programs by providing individual consultation with each employee. Advice for potentially creditor protected solutions for both registered and non-registered assets through the use of insurance products.
  • Ability to use all major pension platforms.
  • All employees are considered as individuals and receive the benefits as described above.