It has been 3 months since my heart attack. My recovery has gone very well and I am adjusting to a more reasoned pace.

Catherine and your attention to me personally and to my claims has been great. We have now received payment from both Manulife and GWL.

Cindy and I would like to personally thank you for being the most persistent human being I know. There is little doubt in my mind that without your never take no attitude I would not have ever acquired or doubled the CI coverage you overwhelmingly endorsed. More importantly you “never gave up” until myself and my family were fully protected from the devastating and unforeseen events that are all to common place.

Please accept our extreme and “heart”felt gratitude.

Thank You!

Nathan Smith, Broker
Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Group


We wanted to send you a note of appreciation for the work you did in putting together a comprehensive insurance package for us several years ago. We were referred to TK Group for life insurance, and were very pleased with the alternatives you offered. At the time, we weren’t even aware of the existence of critical illness insurance. You suggested it as a key component of the insurance package for Peter, since he was self-employed with no company-provided benefits or alternative income to fall back on in case of serious illness. Although it was an additional expense, we agreed that with three young children, it was important that our family be looked after if Peter were to be seriously ill. Over the past few months, we’ve certainly appreciated your foresight in convincing us of the need for the critical illness insurance. Following Peter’s diagnosis of cancer a few months ago, we submitted the claim for the critical illness policy to your office. The process was very simple and handled in an efficient manner by both your staff and the insurance company. The amount of the benefit, based on the stage of the cancer, was substantial and provided long-term financial security for our family in a time of uncertainty. We appreciate your attention to detail in ensuring we had appropriate insurance coverage to suit our circumstances. A parent’s serious illness and recovery period is stressful enough for any family to handle. Thanks to you, we didn’t have the extra burden of financial worry added to the situation. So thank you once again Milan, for your conscientiousness in looking after our family’s insurance needs.
Yours truly,
Kathy & Peter R


When I signed on with TK Financial for critical illness, disability, and life insurance, it never crossed my mind that I would ever need my living benefits. I got them mainly for peace of mind.

When diagnosed with a critical illness last year, I was very grateful that Milan had recommended and found the right plan for me. I was also grateful that I had team TK on my side – keeping track of timelines to apply for benefits, calculating whether I should apply to purchase additional LTD, and tax, estate, and investment implications, were not things me or my family would have been able to cope with.

Milan and other members of his firm have offered continued support. I am extremely grateful for their great advice in choosing the right product, and more so, for their ongoing professional and compassionate assistance

– Mary MacKinnon
Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck LLP


The TK Group and Milan Topolovec are a pleasure to deal with. Their expertise makes what can be a frustrating process seem simple. Regardless of whether they are assisting with new Life policies, adding employees within the group policy, or collecting benefits, they seem to make everything go smoothly. Having worked together with TK for 15 years I don’t hesitate to recommend them for all of your Insurance needs.

– Jason Shinder,
Principal, Broker,
District Realty Corporation


I have been working with Milan Topolovec on client and personal insurance matters for over 20 years. Milan has consistently provided sound advice and I can say with certainty that he always puts his clients’ interests first. Accordingly, you learn quickly that you can rely on him to give the best solution for the client 100% of the time. Moreover, Milan is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He will literally show up at your house any time of night or day to ensure his clients get the best service. And I have found that he has the ability to drive the best possible deals with the underwriters which is a further testimonial to his credibility within his industry. I have no problem recommending TK or Milan for clients’ entire insurance solution.

– Lawrence Weinstein, LLB,
Past Partner,


Milan Topolovec has been my professional insurance advisor since 1995 when he designed my insurance portfolio. Milan approached me to work on completing my Estate / Corporate Reorganization plans whereby he rallied together and quarterbacked a team of professionals to execute this task. He was responsible for keeping the process moving to completion. His approach of having various advisors together in the same room enabled us to maximize on efficiency and minimize on fees. When you are looking for an individual that provides you with positive results as well as keeping your interests at heart, call Milan and his team at TK Group.

– Dan Rochette,
Promomedia Group


I have had the pleasure of dealing with Milan Topolovec and the TK Group for several years. Their advice has always been very strategic and insightful on both a personal and a corporate level whether it be for critical illness, disability, life or wealth management. Milan has a level of expertise and commitment to excellent rarely found today. His out of the box thinking have facilitated discussions and solutions that we had not considered possible. Milan has a very high level of integrity. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone dealing with him will find an incomparable value proposition that would soon allow him to become a trusted advisor.

– Pierre de Varennes,


My experience with Milan Topolovec and the TK Group is best summed up in two words: expertise (and) integrity. Throughout my relationship with Milan and his colleagues, I have always been impressed by his wealth of information and impressive recommendations. Those attributes along with his strong work philosophy and professionalism ensure that his clients always come first. If you are looking for an advocate instead of a salesman for your insurance needs or those of your clients, Milan Topolovec never disappoints. In fact, clients that I have referred to the TK Group have expressed great satisfaction and this has reflected very well on our firm. Not only is it a pleasure to deal with the TK Group, I consider this relationship an essential part of my business. You can bring your insurance needs to Milan and he delivers. It’s always a win-win scenario when the TK Group is involved.

– Michael B. McCrann,
Bessner Gallay Kreisman, LLP


Milan and his team at TK went beyond the obvious. They took an in-depth look at our insurance products, and made value-added recommendations that will be more effective in meeting our needs. As a business owner, I value this type of advice.

– Doug Church,
Phase-5 Marketing Research


Dear Milan,

I wish to thank you sincerely for your expert advice on my insurance needs in the fields of Life, disability and critical illness. At the time I felt over-insured but then I started to collect on all the policies (not life yet, but soon).

In 2004 I was a doctor practising at a teaching hospital as a staff Anaesthesiologist. I was healthy, had a beautiful young family. Suddenly in November 2004 I developed a pneumococcal pneumonia and within 24 hours went from healthy to being in ICU at my own hospital. I went home on oxygen a week later only to discover I had C.Difficile. A superbug of the colon that I had acquired in hospital. And lasted many months.

It was several months before I could return to work part-time. It took about a year to recover…and my stamina was never the same. But at least I was paid the whole time from my disability policy. My only regret was that I had not taken all the options to increase coverage as my income increased over the years. I had several periods of total disability from PTSD and depression.

Then in 2008 I discovered a lump in my breast and had a biopsy. Diagnosis breast cancer! Lots of worry, cancer treatments and surgery..but I was paid immediately on the diagnosis from my critical illness policy. So I paid off my mortgage and all debt and put money in the bank. An continued to cash the disability cheques every month. And had a Future Savings Protector Rider that replaced my RRSP contributions in those times of total disability.

I was working part-time in pain clinic but never went back to operating room anaesthesia. My “own occupation” rider let me keep all the income and still collect full disability cheques. Until 2010 when I was playing on a trampoline with my children and suffered a fracture dislocation of my neck at Cervical 5/6…and although not paralysed, I have been unable to work in any capacity since.

I have been cancer free for 6 years…then some new back and bone pains this year. The breast cancer had metastasized to my spine and pelvis. I was told I have 2 to 3 years to live. That’s what Bugs Bunny said about life…nobody gets out alive.

So now I at least do not have to worry about my family’s financial future. In Summary: No matter the health challenges I faced, I never had a financial worry and still do not.

And for that I am grateful. Thank you Milan and God Bless.

– A Grateful Doctor,
March 2014 Ottawa


Milan and the Tk group provide thorough and professional service and advice in each of their disciplines. It is a pleasure working with them.



Greely Sand & Gravel is a family run business having opened in 1982 by Brent Pyper. The Pyper family has been a client of Welch & Co. for over 50 years, and they were recommended to contact T.K. Financial Group to help manage their insurance and tax issues.

T.K. Financial Group are objective and professional. They are very knowledgeable and well organized. Milan and Catherine are fantastic to work with, having gone above and beyond to ensure all issues were addressed, and a final estate plan completed.

We, at Greely Sand & Gravel, highly recommend T.K. Financial Group

– Greely Sand & Gravel


We met Milan a number of years ago when we needed to secure business life insurance . Milan and his firm completed an insurance audit on all the insurance we already owned and identified policies which were in place that needed to be adjusted to properly meet our corporate structure.

Working with Milan we : secured premium savings , knowledge our coverage is properly structured and have a professional advisor that is committed to our well being.

– Jeff York, Entrepreneur


I have known Milan Topolovec for many years. I first knew him as my neighbor and later as my insurance broker. Milan and his team at TK Financial Group have always been cognizant of and responsive to my insurance needs. The service that Milan and his team have provided to me has been excellent throughout our relationship of many years, and I would not hesitate to recommend TK Financial Group to anyone needing expert, attentive and caring insurance advice.

– Debbie Weinstein, Partner
Labarge Weinstein


“Milan Topolevec and the TK Group are very adept at serving executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Milan has great expertise, ensures that clients get proper coverage and has the ability to address complex insurance requirements. He is also a great catalyst for business owners and will often take the lead in  coordinating various advisors to ensure a team approach and that clients are actively engaged in planning. Milan brings focus and enthusiasm to the table and ensures that planning moves forward effectively, this in spite of the fact that there may not be an immediate need for insurance coverage. He truly sees the value in doing what is right for the client and focusing on long-term relationships.”

– Jim McConnery,
Welch LLP


Milan and I have worked together on several occasions over the years, including personal matters. Milan is 100% client focused and is tireless in assisting clients achieve the best and most cost efficient result from an insurance and structuring perspective. He can be counted on to ensure that clients get the appropriate coverage at the right price and I don’t hesitate to recommend him.”

– Ian Pryor, President
Pryor Tax Law